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These extracts are generally found in raspberries but their actual quantity in this fruit is quite low, may be four to five milligrams per kilogram. These extracts are also present naturally in some other berries such as blackberries and cranberries but still the problem is same quantity is very low. To overcome this problem, scientists have developed an artificial method of preparing them in laboratories, so now these extracts are easily available. They are mostly used in pills and supplements of weight loss and are considered to be the best in dealing with many ailments.  Some advantages of raspberry ketones extracts are mentioned below:

Weight Loss

From last 5 years, these extracts are linked with losing weight and according to different research reports ketones are used for breaking fats in human body. A research in 2008 shows that extracts from raspberry contains antioxidants which are same as the ones found in capsaicin and synephrine. These antioxidants are believed to turn fats into energy and they also increase energy level and stamina. To increase the efficiency of raspberry ketones, physicians’ advice to take them with green tea and acai berry.


The antioxidants in raspberry ketones extracts also prevent cell damage and encourage the body to produce hormones that are helpful in fighting against type-two diabetes. These extracts also prevent the buildup of fatty plague on walls of arteries or liver and reduce chances of having various liver diseases like cirrhosis and cancer.


Nowadays, cancer is a deadliest disease and according to some scientific researches, raspberry ketones are very beneficial for females in dealing with breast cancer.  This again is because of the antioxidants which are also called anti cancer agents. Though, these extracts are not a cure of this disease but still they increase person’s chances to deal with this disease.

Ingredients of Raspberry Ketones supplement

The supplements and pills are made up of different ingredients such as apple cider which is helpful in reducing water retention, African mango which helps in increasing body’s metabolism rate and acai berry which contains antioxidants that help in losing weight. Some other ingredients are kelp, caffeine and grape fruit.

In short, raspberry ketones supplements are good for all and also they don’t have any side effects. However, for pregnant women or those who are breast feeding it is suggested to consult their doctors before using these supplements.  If you are suffering from any one of the above mentioned diseases then you can use these supplements with your normal diet.